Greetings from IBC2020

On behalf of the 30th International Biometric Conference (2020IBC) Local Organizing Committee and International Biometric Society Korean Region (IBS Korean Region), it is our greatest honor and pleasure to host the 2020 IBC in Seoul, Korea. International Biometric Conferences have been the most effective and prominent gathering of biometric professionals and having the Conference convened in Seoul would be particularly meaningful, to the extent that this highly acclaimed conference would change the face of bioscience in Korea and beyond in every way. Biosciences in Korea and Asia have been recognized as one of the most promising industries for growth (research field for better health and environment), yet there still is a lot of room for improvement.

The 2020 IBC Local Organizing Committee and IBS Korean Region will exert all efforts to design comprehensive and rewarding scientific programs and all participants will have various opportunities to strengthen professional networks and friendship with one another in and around the Conference

Seoul, the heart of the nation and the proposed venue city for the 2020 IBC, is a popular destination for international travelers and where tradition meets modernity in perfect harmony. Seoul also has been home to many exciting and outstanding international conferences and events in the past few decades. The City is safe and tourist-friendly and offers the warmest hospitality, the state-of-the-art conference and comfortable accommodation facilities, breathtaking sceneries, and appealing cuisines.

2020 IBC’s cultural and social programs will be organized for memories to cherish for life and there will also be many other opportunities to explore Seoul and Korea. The 202 IBC Local Organizing Committee and IBS Korean Region, in close association with central and local governments, industries, academic societies and institutions in Korea, assure the success of the 2020 IBC. We, therefore, would like to express my sincere enthusiasm to host the 2020 IBC in Seoul and gratitude for your kind consideration and support in advance.