IBC2020 Short Course Offerings

We are pleased to announce that the IBC 2020 Short Courses have been approved. Seven Short Course proposals have been selected for presentation just before the International Biometric Conference begins. All Short Courses will take place on Sunday, 5 July 2020 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM local time. 

SC01: Targeting learning: bridging machine learning and causality (Full day) Presented by: Antoine Chambaz & David Benkeser

SC02: Model-based Geostatistics for Global Public Health (Full day) Presented by: Peter Diggle & Emanuele Giorgi

SC03: Measuring the Impact of Noningnorable Missing Data (Half day) Presented by: Daniel F. Heitijan, PhD & Hui Xie, PhD

SC04: Data analysis using hierarchical generalized linear models with R (Full day) Presented by: Lars Ronnegard & Youngjo Lee

SC05: Causal questions and principled answers: a guide through the landscape for practicing statisticians (Full day) Presented by: Saskia le Cessie & Els Goethebeur

SC06: Extension of survival models for correlated data: joint frailty models with recurrent events, a longitudinal biomarker and terminal event (Full day) Presented by: Virginie Rondeau & Agniezka Krol

SC07: Topological and Object Oriented Data Analysis (Full day) Presented by: James Steve Marron, Yuan Wang & Moo K. Chung